When I was 12, I found a game with source code on our computer. Since that day, I've never stopped dreaming about making games. In 2016 I finally started making games in my spare time. I started with html5/canvas/javascript games and after joining Gamkedo.club I also contributed to games made in Unity. For several projects I made some models using Blender.


A html5/canvas/javascript puzzle game project I led at Gamkedo.club. A Mahjong connect game with four different game modes and four different tile-sets.

For this project, I did all the coding and made the classical tile-set and background.

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Journey of Little 2-bit

The first project with me as project-lead at Gamkedo.club. A shoot-em-up about Little 2-bit, made in html5/canvas/javascript. Little 2-bit is a space ship tasked with delivering a package. Along the way Little 2-bit encounters a range of enemies and gets to use several different weapons.

Here I did the javascript coding (except the stars parallax, tile map, shields code, and canvas scaling code), with contributions from others at the club.

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Little 2bit gameplay

Critical Alpha - Afterburner

A game initially led by Tim Waskett and later by Nicholas Polchies at the Gamkedo.club.

I made the models of a Spad-XIII and a Fokker Dr.I, which were used in the 1918 levels for the player and the enemy airplanes.

Preview Spad-XIII Preview Spad-XIII Preview Spad-XIII Preview Spad-XIII


A game led by Nicholas Polchies at the Gamkedo.club.

I helped with coding the particle effects, music/sound toggle buttons, and the cannon ball power-up.

APC5 gameplay APC5 1 APC5 2